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10 Awesome Crappie Fishing Tips That You Must Need To Know

Crappie provides a year round opportunity for anglers who enjoy fishing. Rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and ponds all provide home to these shabby sunfish and the best part is that where you find one, you’re guaranteed to find many. Crappie fishing tips are many, but all you need is how to spot the fish and attract them to your bait.

Facts about Crappie

Sunfish or crappies are from the genus Pomoxis. Commonly found in North America, these fish are known for their delicate meat. Moreover, you can easily identify them due to their paper thin mouths.

Crappies feed on smaller fish, plants, and insects that fall into the water. Sunfish hide around large rocks and sunken logs. Some tend to hide near the shoreline and only migrate into deep waters during the middle of the day. Although these fish are small, they are aggressive in nature. This is why it’s recommended to go crappie fishing in waters of 10 feet or less.

There are two species of crappie, mainly the white crappie and the black crappie. The black crappie has seven dorsal spines and prefer acidic lakes. In some cases, they do co-habitate with white crappie.

On the other hand, white crappie has only six dorsal spines and is lighter. You can find this species in quiet backwaters, slow flowing rivers, and in some cases, large water bodies. Unlike the black crappie, white crappie can handle rough waters. You need to know which type of sunfish you’re after in order for you to learn how to catch crappie fish.

Best Crappie Fishing Tips and Tricks

Crappie are some of the simplest fish to target. You don’t need special crappie fishing equipment. All you need is to know where they are located and get the lure in front of them.

Here are some helpful tips on how to catch crappie fish.

1. Look Out For Sunken Areas

Find a huge rock, sunken structure, or a dock in eight feet of water or less, Sunfish tend to lurk in these areas. If you happen to find such an area, case your lure as close as possible and wait for the strike.

2. Reel Slowly

Fishing Reels

Crappies have small paper mouths and this means that they tend to nibble around the bait. Do not be in a rush to catch the fish. Ensure that you reel very slowly and allow the fish an opportunity to swallow the bait. If you notice that the sunfish bite stop, give it time to swallow the bait.

3. Ensure That the Line is Tight

Check to see that there isn’t too much slack on the line as this could make the fish pick the bait before you have a chance of setting the hook. By ensuring that the line is tight, you’ll feel the nibbles, which will in turn give you an opportunity to set the hook.

5. Go For Small Hooks

Using small hooks is the best way to catch crappies. The fact that they have small mouths make small hooks ideal. A large hook will rob you of your bait.

fishing hooks

6. Use a Topographical Map

Depth plays a huge role when you’re trying to catch crappie fish. Having a topographical map of the body you’re fishing becomes an important aspect. With a map, you can identify sunken structures like fish beds.

7. Find the Right Technique for the Right Season

The technique used in crappie fishing differs through the seasons. There are crappie fishing tips for winter when fish are spawning. At this time, the fish are close to the shore in shallow water, making the fly tackle and ultralight spinning useful. At other times of the year, fish will be found offshore in deep water. Techniques such as trolling and drifting will be useful when catching crappie fish.

8. Use Live Bait

live bait

When going after sunfish, your best bet is using live bait. Crappies tend to nibble at the bait before you get time to set the hook. Using live bait will keep the fish nibbling and give you ample time to set the hook.

9. Go For the Right Fishing Knot

When fishing for crappie, use a loop know. This type of knot allows free movement of jig when casted. Moreover, the crappie has subtle movement which can attract fish when done vertically.

10. Change the Depth First

Sunfish are depth sensitive. Try depth before changing the bait or lures. You can use a depth finder to spot crappie. This is one of the late fall crappie fishing tips.

These are some of the crappie fishing tips. Sunfish only need you to know where, when, and the techniques to be used. By applying these above tips, crappie fishing will be easier.

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