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2018’s Fishing Kayak Buying Guide : 9 Things You Must Need To Know

Learn About Fishing Kayak

If you are a fisherman, chances are good, that you have noticed a huge jump in the discussions about the use of kayaks in the pursuit of your favourite sport.

kayak buying guide

Indeed, it’s hard to miss, with advertisements, displays, blog posts, and so much more discussing the benefits of using kayaks to pursue those little prizes with fins on them.

You can hardly be a fisherman without being bombarded by the messages. What you need is a fishing  kayak buying guide. From this, you will learn how to choose a fishing kayak.

Fishing kayak buying guide

The good news in this is that using a kayak for fishing makes a lot of sense since they are not only smaller and easier to transport than other types of boats but they are less expensive. Besides these standouts, when you get them to the water, they are easier to maneuver than other boats.

Perhaps best of all, however, fishing kayaks are, of course, made for fishing, so they have lots of features molded into the boat itself such as rod holders, catch reservoirs, tackle boxes, and much more.

A kayak guide can serve as your interpretive guide to these issues. A kayak guide is especially good for you to learn how to buy a kayak for beginners.

The result of all this is a market that has literally exploded, with a huge selection of fishing specific kayaks that have been designed for enjoyment on everything from small creeks and lakes to open ocean.

This kayak buying guide for how to buy a fishing kayak will lead you to determine which is best for your use.

Kayak Stability

If there is anything that could be said about the kayaks of old it’s that they could be notoriously tippy and unstable. Today’s models are not only more stable, but you can even stand up in them. As any fishing kayak guide will tell you, stability is a hugely important trait.

If there is anything that could be said about the kayaks of old it’s that they could be notoriously tippy and unstable. Today’s models are not only more stable but you can even stand up in them. As any fishing kayak guide will tell you, stability is a hugely important trait.

Keel or No Keel

A keel is that piece that looks like an upside down fin on the bottom of a boat. Its function is to give the boat more tracking and speed.

There are different types of keels, but it’s always a good idea to have one, especially if you plan on being in open water or trolling.

If you will be in rocky waters, fishing in close quarters or you like to fish standing up, you can do without it. A good fishing kayak buying guide will explain these issues.

Kayak Portability

There are probably few boat fishermen who don’t understand the trouble involved in getting a boat from their car to the water and vice versa. This gets progressively worse when the boat gets bigger.

A fishing kayak buyers guide will give you specifics on this. Fortunately, there are many more models of boats, including kayaks, that come in many different materials that are much lighter to maneuver.

Again, a lot of this depends on what you like, but generally speaking, the sit on top models are much heavier than the sit inside models.

Kayak Storage

Have you ever known a fisherman who probably didn’t have the market covered on the amount of gear he had at any one time? it’s a common trait among fishermen.

What’s not often a common trait is their ability to have a place to put everything on their boat. Fortunately, many of today’s fishing kayaks have molded places for storage of practically everything from bait to your sandwiches, and even a place to keep your beer cold.

Room for electronics

Anymore, a fisherman without his electronics feels naked. Not only is there is a phone to keep with him, but there is also his fish finder and GPS as well.

Once again, kayak makers are not oblivious to these essentials, with molded compartments and holders for each of them so that they are not only kept handy but securely in place as well.

Drift or anchor?

Again, with regards to drifting or anchoring, each person has their own style. Some fishermen like to drift on their own to wherever the water takes them. Others like to use an anchor to they are kept securely in one spot near the fish.

This is the kind of information that you can get from a guide on buying a kayak for beginners. An anchor has weight, however, weight that you need to be able to secure someplace on your boat when you are not using it.

Rig or Unrig

Let’s face it. In most cases, the only difference between a fishing kayak and any other is the rod holders. Rod holders often do add some cost your kayak, so if you want to cut some cost from your kayak you might want to consider buying a standard kayak and drilling some holes for your rods.

This approach is also great if you decide that you want your rigs in different places as well as maybe one or two beyond what kayaks have.

If you are not sure what you want, you might want to buy a standard model, then take it out on the water with you to determine where better to situate your rigs and drill the holes yourself.

This will better accommodate everything you want as well as where you want it. A good kayak buying guide will help you learn how to do this.

Kayak Seating

Another option that most people don’t consider it the seat, or to be plainer, does the seat fit your posterior? If it’s not wide enough for your “foundation,” you might want to consider another model.

Another thing to consider regarding the seat is how high it is on your back, which can add to or detract from comfort.

The more time you spend on the water the more thankful you will be to have taken this into consideration. A kayak guide will be able to give you more ideas about this.


Many a kayak buying guide won’t cover this, but even if you plan to use paddles, at least consider a motor. Have a dealer recommend one that is as light as possible.

And while you’re on the subject of paddles, make sure to get a paddle leash so you won’t have to worry about how in the middle of a battle to reel in a big one you won’t need to discover that you and your paddle have parted company.

Final verdic

For all of the wishes and requirements that fishermen make of their boats, fishing kayaks probably meet more of them than any other. Thanks to a lot of creativity,

new materials, and designs, fishing kayaks meet more requirements for their owners than probably any other.

Shop around, with the tips listed above and a kayak buying guide, chances are good that you will find a fishing kayak that meets your most strenuous requirements and more.

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