salmon fishing tips

The Ultimate Recreational Salmon Fishing Tips & Techniques

Salmon Fishing Tips & Techniques

Fishing as a recreation also provides a healthy meal. As a person who loves outdoor activities, I quickly took a liking to fishing. The reasons I like fishing are the water scenario is always so beautiful to resist and most importantly salmon fishing is fun.

salmon fishing tips

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Fishing excitement happens because it requires you to know salmon fishing tips. Without salmon fishing tackle tips and techniques, you will spend a lot of time on the water and go home with nothing. Salmon fishing tips aids you to know how to catch salmon in a river or lake, it also educates you on salmon fishing bait tips.

There are a few things you need to know about this fish species. Salmon is a species of fish which is recognized by their thin rayed fins. They mostly migrate due to the temperature of the water bodies and they can be found on the coast of North America amongst other locations.

Salmon serves the purpose of both recreational and commercial fishing. If you want to pull up a big catch, here are a few salmon fishing tackle tips and techniques I recommend for you.

Kokanee salmon Fishing Tips

salmon fishing tips

Kokanee salmon is not difficult to locate when you carefully follow the techniques for catching them. From research, Kokanee which means land locked sockeye salmon.

They are also known as little red fish and can find in the northern coastal waters like cause and porcupine reservoirs. Kokanee Salmon are caught by anglers during spring and early summer seasons.

Techniques and Items to use

salmon fishing tips

The first item I recommend you purchase is a fish finder also known as sonar. It is an equipment which detects and tracks where a school of fish is located.

Kokanee salmon has a large air bladder is a feature which distinguishes it from every other type of salmon. On your fish finder screen, you should be able to see everything and mark the location of your fish.

You should also purchase a downrigger. Downriggers help you to get your lure down to the fish at an exact depth where the salmon are suspended.

kokanee sense of smell can work for and against you. Any scent on your bait or fishing line can drive the Kokanee salmon away from you. Ensure that you wrap your baits and rods and keep them away from your body ointment. Scents like Wizard Kokanee Killer Korn Magic, Sockeye Slayer, and Garlic Slam-ola, Garlic Plus can make Kokanee attracted to your bait.

When you have finally gotten your big catch, ensure that you keep your arm and body away from the rod and then start reeling gently and slowly. Kokanee is known to be the only fish whose nose can touch its tail just back off when it goes crazy.

king salmon fishing tips

salmon fishing tips

King salmon have very distinguished features like, they are big in size and have a purplish head, silver body, and black spots. They are found in Alaska, and if you’re up for fun you will enjoy the outdoor activity of catching a 30 lb + king salmon. They are usually found in September and late summer when they migrate to fresh streams to lay their eggs.

Techniques and Items to use

salmon fishing tips

Using a downrigger, carefully and slowly get your lure towards them. King salmon are very tricky when it comes to J plugs colours. Red and green are the most common colours. Ensure you get a J plug, as they attract larger Salmons. A tricky salmon fishing tip is using a silver spoon to attract them. It is very effective in shallow waters or offshore fishing.

A tricky salmon fishing tip is using a silver spoon to attract them. It is very effective in shallow waters or offshore fishing.

King salmon have hard mouths, ensure that the hooks are set hard so that they do not slip out.

If the fish starts acting crazy after you have caught it, allow it to act out. Do not try to restrain its movement as it may cause the line to snap.

Reel in your line slowly while you allow the fish to tire out.

Landlocked salmon fishing tips

 salmon fishing tips

This type of salmon is found in the north east. landlocked salmon is big, strong and always struggles. If you are like to eat a tasty fish and catch some fun, then this salmon is for you. They are found in all season, therefore, each season has a different technique for fishing.

Techniques and Items to use

salmon fishing tips

make use of a sonar to discover a school of landlocked salmon

Use different sizes and colours of lures in the lake.

During spring time, the smell will attract the salmons into streams and coves. This makes it easier for the angler to get a good catch. This is the easiest season to catch a landlocked salmon sewed on bait.

Summer weather forces the salmon to go deeper into the water. This makes it difficult to catch. Using a thermocline, one can locate the salmon. A downrigger can set to help lure out the salmon from any depth.

During fall, it is easy to catch a trophy size landlocked salmon, as they are often found near the shores of the stream. In this season, follow best practices of fishing.

Coho salmon fishing tips

salmon fishing tips

Coho salmon are found in the Pacific Northwest during the late summer and early fall. They are often hard to find in the open waters. When it comes to catching the coho salmon, it time for some sneaky fun.

They can be termed to be crazy fish, as they act spooky especially when they are only 20 feet from the top of the water.

A distinguishing feature that makes you recognize a coho salmon from its cousins is, it has spots only at the top part of its tail, unlike the others that have spots all over their tail.

Techniques and Items to use

salmon fishing tips

Makes use of longer rod and a light line if you plan to cast spoons 20 feet deep to get to the salmon.

Get sneaky and get the lure a few yards away from the boat.

When using the rod to bait the salmon, make the movement erratic, by slowing down and speeding up movements. This will cause them to strike.Try a free falling jig.

If you really want the coho salmon, go fishing during the flood. As they get more eager to take baits when the water rises.

Preparation of salmon.

salmon fishing tips

After the fun of catching a salmon, the next anticipated activity is the fun of eating it. Salmon can prepare in different ways. It can be baked, fried or roasted. The first thing is to get the salmon and cut it in what ever size you want. Wash it clean and decide on which delicacy you may want to prepare.

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