Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Board Tips For Beginner’s

Surfing is a create sport enjoyed by many, and in some countries, people compete as well. The competition is divided into different categories depending on the kind of surfing device you use. One group involves the surfer waits until there is a wave in the ocean for them to surf. The other category is referred to as paddle boarding surf. This is the kind of surfing whereby the surfer stands on their surfing board and with the use a propeller they move their board.

In other words, the paddleboard does not rely on the waves to drive but rather the surfer his to use his techniques and propeller to move his boards through the water. This sport has been in existence since the year 2013, and it is most embraced in the United States.

Note that apart from having the right skills to move the board, all this will be in vain if your board is and propeller are not correct. So before you make your decision, you need to consider various factors regarding the paddle board and stand up paddle board tips assist you greatly.

 Stand Up Paddle Board Tips:

1. For beginners, avoid practising in deep water since it is dangerous. Instead, choose calm and shallow areas.

2. Make sure you know the basics regarding how to get on the paddleboard before you get to the waters.

3. Get someone who knows about surfing to guide you.

4. Focus on the size and weight when selecting the best paddle board to buy.

How to stand up​​​​​ paddle board?

Standing up the board is straightforward. Once you place the board in the water and keep your feet parallel and the toes pointed towards the nose. Make sure your hold on the paddle is at the same level with your shoulders and a part too.

Then dip the paddle in the water and take your stroke. At this point make sure that you engage your back muscles for easy control.

How to get on a stand-up paddleboard?

Place the board in the water and stand next to it. Ensure the fin of the board is under the water. It is ideal you make sure that the water reaches your knee length for easy propelling. Then place the paddle across the board so you can use both your hands to get a firm grip on the board.

Ensure the handle of the paddle is on one side, and the propeller side is in water. To achieve a right balance, use the hand close to your body to hold the board and the paddle. Then lift the knee next to the board and place it on top. Then shift the weight to your body for a right balance before you put the other knee on the board.

Stand up paddle board  buying guide:

How to choose a stand-up paddleb​​​​oard?

This stand up paddle board tips make you choose best stand up paddle board


The purpose that you need to fulfil with the surf paddle board plays a considerable role when selecting your paddle board. There are boards designed for fishing since it helps you stay high and has ample space as well.

Some boards are designed for engaging in exercises like yoga, water padding and other practices that can be carried out in water. Therefore, if you want the board for recreational activities, be keen to select the appropriate and most efficient paddle board.

The size:

Choosing the right size for the stand paddle board makes your movement smooth while in the water. Choose the board by focusing on the width, thickness, volume and also the height. Note that the higher the volume the board has, the better balance it will give you in the water.

This is essential for beginners since they need a board that does not require too much strength and effort from their side. Therefore before you purchase the tool, check on the label how much volume it possesses.

Inflatable versus epoxy:

Inflatable boards are essential for people who don’t have enough storage space at home or want a small item to carry around. An inflatable can be rolled into a small size for secure packaging in a bag, unlike the epoxy which is heavy.

On the other hand, epoxy is recommended as the best board regarding the performances. It moves fast in the water, and it is ideal for oceans with massive waves. For beginners, an inflatable board is suitable for simple and easy practices.

The type of paddleboard​​​​​​​​​:

Stand up paddle boards comes in different sizes depending on the surfing skills that one has. As a beginner, you cannot be able to operate a board that is paddled by a professional surfer.

So what are the various types of stand- up paddle boards?

All -round board:

This is easy to operate board essential for beginners and even kids. It can be used for various services like fishing, recreational activities and so on. It is slow hence ideal for carrying your pet as well. One advantage of the all-round stand-up paddle is that is can be used in different waters.

Surf Stand up paddle board:

This is another excellent kind of SUP ideal for those who are a bit experienced. The board is ideal for someone looking for a more challenging board since it is less stable making you employ your balancing techniques. The board is a bit large as compared to all round board and it is easy to maneuver in oceans and areas with waves.

Touring stand up paddleboard:

This is the best SUP for professional surfers. It can be used in areas that have high waves like in the ocean, bays and also the lakes. You can also use it for exercising since it requires one to employ their strength in controlling it.

The price:

The cost of the tool determines the quality and the brand of the board to purchase. Therefore do your researches thoroughly before you buy the board to ensure you get quality and good paddle board. If you want to get the top quality SUP, be prepared to spend more money as compared to a simple paddle board. Also, if you opt for a simple one, make sure that you buy a good brand for quality purposes.


A good stand up paddle board should be sold with a warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. A warranty guarantees you that the board is of excellent quality and in case of any fault, the company will willingly refund your money or repair it. So make sure you buy a board that has a warranty.

What size paddle board do I need for my weight?

Paddleboards come in different sizes and weight. The weight of the tool ranges from 15 to 40 pounds. So you as the user choose the size that you feel will be comfortable and easy to use. Also, the weight of the board is influenced by the height, length, width and the volume.

Stand up paddleboard sizes charts:

The below chart will guide you select the appropriate surf paddle board depending on your experience and weight as well.

The paddler’s weight (pounds) The paddler’s board length(inches).

50 – 130 9 to 11

130-150 10-11’6

150-180 10-11’6, 11’6-12’6

180-200 11’6-12’6

200-230 11’6-12’6, 12’6

230-250 12’6

250-280 12’6

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