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Slingshot ALIEN AIR 4'8" 2020

Our largest foil board by width and volume, the Alien Air is a stable and forgiving setup designed for user-friendly learning, casual cruising and easy progression, from a foiler’s first water starts to on-foil tacks, jibes and fancy footwork.


Alien Air 4’8” Board, foil pedestal mounting hardware

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Slingshot CONVERTER 5'4" 2020


Foil or fins- the Converter 5’4” is a hybrid surfboard equipped with an adjustable foil mount and a three-fin FCSll configuration. This two-in-one setup is a no-brainer for traveling and has the familiar surfboard feel that many foilers appreciate.


Converter 5’4”Board, foil pedestal mounting hardware, 3 x FCS II Fins

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Slingshot HYPERMILER 4'8" 2020

A lightweight carbon board built for speed, distance, boosting and aggressive edging. This is a race-caliber board for foilers who ride a full-length mast with a light carbon foil and like long, fast lines, open water, big distances and fully-engaged angles.


Hypermiler 4’8” Board, foil pedestal mounting hardware

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North Kiteboarding

North Scoop


White: 120x46 cm


Board with EVA deck pad
Free Foil Strap Set (Self Tapping)
Foil Track Mounting Screw Set

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