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Kitesurf Impact Vest

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Slingshot WAKE IMPACT VEST 2020

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The 2020 Wake impact vest offers an extra boost of flotation and helps protect riders from the impacts of rough landings and potential collision with features and hard objects when “going ham” - best when combined with a dome protector! The front zip with single buckle is functional, comfortable, easy in and out, and holds strong in tense situations. It’s fashionable and a fully functional piece of equipment designed by riders, for riders. No more covering your vest with a t-shirt- wear it loud and proud!


360 Degree drop tail skirt to combat any and all belly button slips / plumbers cracks.
Custom panel segmentation increases maneuverability / flexibility.
Front Zip for easy entry
Single Waist Buckle - Simple and secure, prevents roll ups and holds steady.
WARNING: This wake vest IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard

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Slingshot IMPACT VEST 2019

Classic fit, classic style, and comfort are the top priority of the Slingshot impact vest. Designed to help protect the goods and provide flotation assistance without inhibiting maneuverability on the water. Designed to be worn anywhere there’s water, and even places there isn’t, because danger never sleeps.
NOTE: This garment is not a US Coast Guard Approved life vest.

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